02/21/2013 08:49 am ET Updated Feb 21, 2013

Jon Stewart Hammers John McCain On Hagel, Benghazi Outrage; Calls Out Iraq Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart has clearly had enough of Senator John McCain's grandstanding on Benghazi, so he took some time on Wednesday's show to hit the former presidential candidate where it hurts: Iraq.

Using McCain's own "Country First" campaign slogan against him, Stewart pointed out that the Senator has done anything but during Hagel's would-be confirmation hearing. And when McCain's comments on the disasters of the Iraq war are placed side-by-side with his statements on Benghazi, his concern for "dead Americans" doesn't seem to add up. Most damning of all, however, is McCain's honest report that all of this might have more to do with a vendetta against Hagel than what's actually best for the country.

Watch Stewart's sweeping takedown of the apparent hypocrisy above, and keep an eye out for the moment when he breaks some bad news to Senator McCain about President Bush.



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