02/21/2013 05:06 am ET Updated Feb 21, 2013

'Modern Family': David Faustino Guests In The 'Married ... With Children' Reunion That Wasn't (VIDEO)

It was the "Married ... With Children" reunion that wasn't on "Modern Family," as Bud Bundy appeared on the same show as his former TV father -- but the actors didn't share any screen time. Instead, David Faustino played an old college classmate of Claire's nicknamed "Tater."

Phil mistakenly thought Tater was the one person who ever broke up with Claire -- making Phil her rebound guy -- when it was really the dashing professor at the party. Jay was too busy being a better parent to Manny than Ed O'Neill had ever been to Kelly and Bud on "Married."

Stil, it would have been nice to see O'Neill and Faustino share at least one scene. Maybe now that Faustino's Tater is in the show's world, he can run into Claire again, and this time she could be with her father. Even without the "Married" reunion, Screencrush enjoyed all the cameo appearances in this week's episode. TV Equals was less impressed, using words like "flimsy" and "floppy" to describe the juggling plotlines of the week, but overall felt that the episode served the purpose of entertaining its fans.

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