02/21/2013 04:32 pm ET Updated Feb 21, 2013

Qualcomm Has Created The Best Bus Stop Ever

We can think of nothing better than riding to work in a puppy-filled bus.

Mobile innovators Qualcomm gave some lucky Los Angeles transit riders just that opportunity when they set out to prove that you can "live better with mobile" with their "born mobile" campaign.

Qualcomm covered a Metro bus stop with advertisements urging people to use their mobile devices to go to a website if they were bored or in a hurry. Once they were on the site, these people were surprised and offered rides in a Lamborghini, via dogsled, and of course the aforementioned puppy bus.

The videos of would-be bus riders being surprised with rides on highly superior modes of transportation went viral just in time for Qualcomm's newest product, the HTC One, to be announced. Well played, bus full of puppies.