02/21/2013 06:56 pm ET

Turkish Bus Flood Video: Passengers Avoid Drowning By Breaking Windows

The next time you complain about clogged public transportation, consider yourself lucky to be swimming in a sea of humanity and not a literal sea of water.

A video uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 19 shows water gushing from a bus in Istanbul, Turkey, while bystanders gape at the site. Passengers just escaped the flooded vehicle by breaking the windows and scurrying to the exits, Good Morning Turkey reported.

Three travelers suffered minor injuries, but many could have drowned, according to the story. The freak accident unfolded Tuesday afternoon when the bus collided with an 18-wheel truck, then struck a water valve, GMT said. The bus quickly filled with pressurized water as surrounding businesses and homes were evacuated.

English-language Turkish news site Today's Zaman said those aboard "struggled to exit" through the rising water and "were lucky to survive." The outlet added that firefighters soon arrived to help vacuum up the water.

MSN wryly noted that all the passengers "lived to endure another miserable daily commute."



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