02/21/2013 07:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wild Turkeys Invade East Bay (VIDEO)

Albany residents are embarking on a goose chase to take down the newest neighborhood predators: wild turkeys.

A flock of about dozen turkeys invaded Albany a few months ago, and have yet to depart the area. Between the squawking and the waste, residents of the East Bay town are fed up with the poultry parade. Some parents are even afraid to let their children outside of the house.

"There are droppings everywhere, especially if you go back behind the garage," Albany resident Renu Bhatt told KQED. "My kids aren't allowed to play in the backyard anymore. It's just infested."

The gaggle arrived in Albany around Thanksgiving. Some residents suspect the birds won't leave because neighbors are providing food. Bhatt wrote a public letter asking the city to intervene in the feeding.

The city has recommended installing motion-activated sprinklers to ward off the animals, CBS reports. With turkey mating season just months away, that sounds like a smart investment.

Albany isn't the first city to experience a turkey invasion. The birds were also spotted in nearby Berkeley.

Watch the flock waddle through Cornell Avenue:



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