02/22/2013 07:58 am ET Updated Feb 22, 2013

Arsenio Hall Hits 'The Tonight Show,' Promises A 'TV-Type Party' With His Return To Late Night Television (VIDEO)

Arsenio Hall dropped by "The Tonight Show" to talk about his upcoming return to late night hosting. Hall was a syndicated smash sensation when "The Arsenio Hall Show" aired from 1989-1994. Now, after almost two decades off the air, he's poised to return for what promises to be a late night party. Or at least it's being billed as a "party."

"You know, they need a marketing hook," Hall explained. "They say it’s a party because I’m louder than the white guys."

As far as Hall is concerned, it's not completely accurate. "A TV-type party" is how he described it, saying, "If you went to a party and there were a lot of commercials and no weed, you would leave, right?"

Hall's return to late night will once again be syndicated, and it's certainly got the faith of the television affiliates. His show had been sold in 95% of national TV markets by January. It's set to premiere on September 9, 2013.

Depite the lack of weed and the commercial breaks, Hall promised that the show would be "spirited" and for all ages. Like a "TV-type party!"

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