02/22/2013 09:42 am ET Updated Feb 22, 2013

Boston Globe Staffers 'Scared,' 'Nervous' Over New York Times' Plan To Sell Newspaper

The New York Times' announcement that it will sell the Boston Globe has Globe staffers "very nervous" and "scared," according to people at the newspaper.

The Times announced on Wednesday that it will sell the Boston Globe. It is currently the company's biggest asset, and cost the Times $1.1 billion to acquire in 1993. Now, the newspaper is the latest property that the company is putting on the auction block.

The Boston Herald reported on the situation at the Globe on Friday, with one staffer saying, “People are very nervous and scared, very scared.” Another employee compared the move to “a divorce, a bad divorce.”

Most Globe staffers learned about the sale through a press release from the Times, according to the Herald, and were shocked. Editor Brian McGrory was reportedly surprised by the announcement, as well. New York Times Co. vice-chairman Michael Golden is scheduled to meet with staffers on Friday, for the first of a series of meetings with Globe publisher Chris Mayer.



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