02/22/2013 01:38 pm ET

Bulls Fans Cheered After LeBron James Appeared Injured, According To Marv Albert (VIDEO)

Take note Bulls fans, Marv did not approve.

Miami was leading by 16 in the middle of the fourth quarter when LeBron James got the ball on a fast break with a clear path to the basket. Chicago's Nate Robinson sprinted after him and delivered a hard foul to prevent an easy bucket.

As TNT broadcasters Marv Albert and Steve Kerr heard it, the cheers from the crowd seemed to grow louder after the three-time MVP began limping after the foul.

"This is an ugly moment on the part of the crowd. I just don't get it," Albert said of the fans at the United Center.

"It's one thing to boo at the end of the quarter when he's going to take the last shot," Kerr added. "You don't cheer when a guy gets injured. This is like Philadelphia Eagles fans cheering when Michael Irvin went down. Not nearly as serious of course. LeBron, maybe a little charlie horse or something but, bad time to boo."

Watch the video and tell us what you think. Was the crowd enjoying some LBJ schadenfreude or perhaps cheering Robinson's refusal to surrender an easy basket?

Not surprisingly, some on Twitter criticized Bulls fans assuming they were cheering for LeBron being injured.