02/22/2013 09:21 am ET Updated Feb 23, 2013

Where To Find Scalpers At South Beach Wine And Food Festival 2013 (PHOTOS)

How big and awesome is South Beach Wine & Food Festival? There are scalpers.

Yes, scalpers! We're serious! People just really, really love Paula Deen (SHE'S HERE!), food, celebrity, and parties, and probably in that order. So if an event's sold out -- and most of them are -- you'll still find foodies hanging around outside, forking over the dough for someone else's extra ticket.

It's not exactly dirt cheap to scalp last-minute outside sold-out SOBEWFF events, and nothing's guaranteed. But if you procrastinated, and now you can't live without tasting Michael Symon's soon-to-be legendary Burger Bash entry, you can still usually find a way inside thanks to the secondary market.

Years of experience passing scalpers where the sidewalk meets the sand have taught us they're usually found peddling their wares outside the biggest events and tents -- so take a look at our handy guide for the best bets for saving your bacon and making it through the gates:

Best Best For Buying Scalped Tickets At SOBEWFF