02/22/2013 11:23 am ET

I Got Fat Shamed By My Doctor And I Fucking Hated It (She Also Pinched My Vagina)

So under normal circumstances, I love my gynecologist. She's funny, realistic, interested in me as a human being, and really good at getting around insurance malarkey. But she's decided to go off and have a baby (rude) so I can't see her for a while. While she's gone, I made an appointment with one of the other NPs in the practice and I've just returned from my awful appointment with her.

I sat down in her office and we started to go over my details, she asked me if I still smoked and then lectured me about how i need to quit (typical, reasonable). Then she did something strange, she asked me how tall I am. Isn't she a doctor (or a health professional or whatever)? Shouldn't she find out how tall I am for herself? Whatever, I'll get back to this later.

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