02/22/2013 12:11 pm ET

Naked Star-Jumper Arouses Police Concern In England

A man who jumps around the streets of England in the nude is wanted by police.

The mystery exhibitionist has been seen twice this week in the northern town of Penwortham.

The Lancashire Evening Post reports that the suspect is a white man in his 20s wearing only glasses and shoes. He was seen walking down the road around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday.

On Thursday, he was seen again in the same attire -- or lack thereof -- but this time he was doing "star jumps." A "star jump" is a move that involves springing into the air with arms and legs outstretched in such a way that the person's head, hands and feet form the five points of a star.

(For a visual explanation of the star jump, watch this clip.)

Det. Sgt. Richard Horton told the Post that officials are asking that anyone who has seen the naked star jumper "call the police straight away."

Exposed individuals get up to all sorts of antics.

Late last month, Pennsylvania police say a man caught masturbating behind a convenience store told them his penis was only out because his pants had shrunk.

Just last week, a naked Massachusetts man visited not one, but two drive-thrus.



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