02/22/2013 04:54 pm ET Updated Mar 01, 2013

Quentin Tarantino Films: The Zoom Ins (VIDEO)

We all know Quentin Tarantino has a penchant for drama.

His vision often plays out in vomit-inducing, absolutely glorious blood bath -- or spraying -- scenes. And while the scalping in "Inglorious Basterds" showcases this aspect of his directorial flair, Tarantino has a subtler, though nonetheless effective and characteristically his, technique -- the camera zoom.

Some of the zooms are swift and kitschy, like most used in the sick sword scenes in "Kill Bill Vol. 1" and "Kill Bill Vol. 2." Others crawl at an agonizing pace, like in the last scene of "Reservoir Dogs" (SPOILER ALERT) where Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) is cradling the maimed body of Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) before he puts a pistol to his head to blow his brains out.

As an ode to the Tarantino zoom in, and the man himself, HuffPost made a mashup of some of our favorites (we've included films he's written as well as those he directed, because our love knows no bounds).

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misstated the weapon that Mr. X uses to kill Mr. Y, and language has been added to clarify the contents of the video.

Video produced by Amber Genuske.