02/22/2013 10:40 am ET

Americans To Washington: Delay The 'Steep' Sequestration Cuts

Politicians have said they may have no choice but to let automatic spending cuts kick in next Friday. But the American people say they better find a way out of it.

The government has scheduled $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, nicknamed the "sequestration," to take place starting on Mar. 1. But 54 percent of Americans support a plan to "delay steep cuts to give the economy a chance to continue recovering which would help reduce the deficit," according to a new Bloomberg poll.

The poll, which was conducted by Selzer & Co. on behalf of Bloomberg News, surveyed 1,003 randomly selected U.S. adults between Feb. 15 and 18. The pollsters weighted the responses based on age and race to reflect the general U.S. population.

Americans support delaying the sequestration even though 62 percent of Americans believe the budget deficit is growing, the poll found. In fact, the deficit is shrinking, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The sequestration would cut a variety of government programs, including scientific research, defense, unemployment benefits and homelessness programs. Yet such cuts would not do much to address the government's long-term debt, according to the Bipartisan Policy Center.



What Sequestration Would Cut