02/22/2013 05:16 am ET Updated Feb 22, 2013

'Suits' Finale: Jessica Asserts Her Authority Over Harvey In War For The Firm (VIDEO)

Things got heated and ugly in the season finale of "Suits" on USA. The episode was very appropriately title "War." And while it was mostly a war for the future of the firm -- to merge or not to merge -- it was more a personal battle between Jessica and Harvey.

In this episode, Harvey -- and Mike -- learned just how far Jessica was willing to go to get her way and assert her dominance. She put a kibosh on the secret filings to try and undermine the merger deal, by threatening to expose Mike and destroy him, and he backed down. In doing so, he didn't realize how much what he was doing impacted Harvey's standing.

In triumph, Jessica said to Harvey, "Boy, I just kicked your ass. And you didn’t just want it, you begged me for it. So now, you’re going to stay here, be humble and learn your G*dd*mn place!"

Zap2It was on the edge of their seats, but feared that "these lawyers may have entered into a war for which there can be no true victor." TV Fanatic is certain, though, that the war between Jessica and Harvey isn't over yet, predicting a second round of battles in the already confirmed Season 3.

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