02/22/2013 10:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Taylor Swift's Bare-ly There Dress And More Stars On Our Best-Dressed List This Week (PHOTOS)

There's a tried-and-true formula required to make it onto our best-dressed list. The two must-have elements are impeccable fit and flattering colors. Once those two boxes have been checked, a spot on the best-dressed list is pretty much in the bag. This week's winners tried bold colors like Julianne Moore's eye-catching coral shift dress, and daring cuts (hello, Taylor Swift's bare-ly there dress at the Brit Awards). Then there were the details that upstaged the clothes, like Nicole Kidman's Cleopatra-inspired gold neckline and Kristen Wiig's bright clutch.

We love it when celebrities draw inspiration from other eras. Michelle Williams appeared at the premiere of "Oz: The Great & Powerful" looking reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot with a teased updo, while Mila Kunis channeled Grace Kelly in a fit-and-flare dress.

The stakes are high as we lead up to the Oscars this weekend, but the celebrities are doing their best to keep us interested. Check out this week's best-dressed celebrities and keep clicking to see previous weeks' contenders. Then check out our roundup of the week's worst-dressed for a lesson in what not to wear.

Best-Dressed Celebs Of The Week