02/22/2013 06:45 pm ET

'The Good Wife': Does Julianna Margulies Think Alicia Should Be With Will Or Peter?

Over the course of "The Good Wife's" four seasons, Julianna Margulies has seen her character Alicia Florrick go from Will (Josh Charles) to Peter (Chris Noth) time and time again.

Especially after last week's "Good Wife" featured a steamy kiss between Will and Alicia, fans may be wondering who the actress thinks is right for Alicia.

At an appearance for New York's Paley Center for Media this week, Margulies told reporters and fans (via The Hollywood Reporter), "I’ll get stopped in the street and I’ll hear someone say, ‘Go Peter!’ He slept with hookers, and that’s who you want me to be with? ... What people now are saying is that, 'Give the guy a break, give him a chance. He knows he fell from grace and he stepped back up' ... [He's] done a 180 in the eyes of the audience for certain, and slowly in the eyes of Alicia."

Margulies added, according to THR: "If it weren’t for the children, I don’t think she would have reignited this relationship."

When HuffPost asked Noth about Alicia and Peter in October 2012, he shared a similar sentiment. "When you have a shared history with someone, it's not easy to walk away from," he explained. When asked if he thought they'd ever officially reconcile, Noth explained, "The obstacles there don't go away that easily ... I never know what's in the writers' heads."

As for Will and Alicia? Margulies said at the Paley Center, "I think a lot of people get excited about that, but most people fear ... 'It’s your boss! Don’t sleep with your boss, you can’t sleep with your boss.'"

Considering the fact that Charles recently extended his contract for Season 5 of "The Good Wife," it looks like the Alicia-Will-Peter triangle will continue!

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