02/22/2013 05:48 pm ET

Lily The Golden Retriever, Future Therapy Dog, Gets Prosthetic Paw (VIDEO)

An adorable puppy who was born without a front paw has received a new prosthetic to help her walk.

It is hoped that Lily the Golden Retriever, who is currently being groomed to become a therapy dog in Bristol, Va., will one day help and encourage patients who are learning to use artificial limbs.

According to NBC affiliate WCYB-TV, Lily -- who is about 3 months old -- was fitted with a prosthetic paw earlier this month.

Occupational therapist Heather Mullin says she hopes Lily's experience with her artificial paw will be inspiring and helpful to her patients -- some of whom are amputees learning to use prosthetics.

"I really wanted to get a pet that could work alongside with me that could help my patients. She did seem like the perfect choice," Mullin told the station.

Though prosthetics for dogs aren't all that common, a number of pups have benefited from artificial paws in recent years.

In 2011, CNN reported that a Siberian husky named Polo was fitted with a prosthetic paw after he was run over by a car. After suffering without the use of a leg, Polo reportedly returned to his old self after receiving the new appendage.

Last year, a dog in Mexico named Pay de Limon made headlines after he was fitted with two prosthetic paws. According to Reuters, a drug cartel had cut off Pay de Limon's front paws before abandoning him in a Mexico City dumpster. Fortunately, the was taken in by a local rescue center.

Also last year, a chihuahua who was born without a foot stole hearts after news of her impending "bionic foot" fitting made its rounds on the Internet. At the time, Peggy Leg was dubbed by KOAT-TV as the "world's smallest bionic pet."