02/22/2013 06:10 pm ET

Weird Advertising: Lingerie Ad Depicts CGI Breasts Happily Uniting In Push-Up Bras

Wearing a push-up bra isn't just about looks -- new tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign suggests that your breasts get lonely when they're not together.

A new series of videos from French lingerie company Valege depicts sets of spherical breasts -- with legs -- reuniting in various scenarios such as the airport or a "Lost & Found" television show. The pair, once "finally together," are inseparable.

According to AdWeek, ad agencies Marcel Paris and Publicis Espana collaborated on the project, and the videos were produced by J.A.C.K. of Wanda Productions.

Reactions to the series have been mixed. Jezebel commenter NinjaCate wrote "this is so bizarre that I can't even be offended," and commenter MotherOfCrickets said: "I honestly thought this was a kind of cute way to advertise a pushup bra." Jezebel's Laura Beck, who said she wished the ad included a wider variety of breast sizes and colors, admitted "[T]he French should always be commended for their embracing of breasts."

Youtube user Skogull wrote "Wow. Just. Wow. Really?," and AdAge commenter sebastiangard said: "vive le France."

What do you think of these ads? Watch the video below, and weigh in with a comment or tweet!