02/23/2013 03:36 pm ET

Busy Philipps' Oscars Party Tips: Actress Reveals Her Go-To Cocktails

She may be expecting her second child, but Busy Philipps isn't letting pregnancy get in the way of her entertaining guests.

The 33-year-old actress chatted with HuffPost Celebrity about her ideal Academy Awards soiree, which includes lots and lots of yummy cocktails.

"I love hosting parties," the "Cougar Town" star tells HuffPost. "I’m really quite crafty; people who follow me on Twitter and Instagram are aware of that!"

But when it comes to her drinks, Philipps likes to keep it simple -- which would explain why she prefers a pour-and-serve type of beverage.

"I’ve always loved the Bacardi Classic Cocktails Light because they’re just open and pour," she explains. "When you’re throwing the party, you want to be able to spend as much time with your guests as possible, especially with a 4-year-old running around and a baby in my stomach! I don’t want to be wasting time making sure everyone has all their mixers that they need for their drinks, so I always have Bacardi on hand."

"And people love it," Philipps adds. "Someone always ends up leaving with a bottle because it’s so delicious. I like the Pina Colada and I mix it in my Vitamix with ice and make it like a smoothie and you feel like you’re on vacation."

"Obviously I don’t drink it now!" she laughs, continuing, "Oh, but in a few months I will!"

Philipps also reassures us Oscars junkies that the Mojito flavor is equally as delicious.

"Everyone loves the Mojito," she admits. "My friend Emily is obsessed with the Mojito, so I add some fresh mint to make it look pretty! But it’s great as a party drink."

Speaking of partying, pick up whatever you're sipping on tonight and play along with HuffPost's Oscars drinking game.



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