02/23/2013 11:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pi Kappa Alpha Semi-Nude Photos: More Shots Of Suspended Michigan Frat's Abs

Earlier this week, the University of Michigan Pi Kappa Alpha chapter was suspended from its fraternity when its brothers sent semi-nude photos of themselves to a sorority as a party invitation.

And here's the invitation, in all its American-flagged, muscle-bound glory:
fraternity suspended

The suspension came shortly after published the pictures last Friday, which were taken and sent to sorority Alpha Phi.

The chapter's president, 19-year-old Ryan Lee, told the Detroit Free Press that the photos and email were never meant for the public eye -- only the sorority girls. Instead, everyone on the Internet got to read the invitation, which started like this:

Subject: Cute Puppies, Organic Gourmet, High Fashion, and How to Make Him Eat Your Box (aka URGENT!!!!)

Do you love your homeland? We at Pike sure do. We read Whitman's poems by our fireplace and pour maple syrup on our apple pie. We hold Alexander Hamilton's belief that keg stands are not "a feat, but an expectation." We recognize His benevolence in bestowing upon us His great and Holy game of Football, and one of our sophomores drives a pick-up truck.



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