02/24/2013 11:48 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2013

Oscars: Women React To The Academy Awards

The 85th annual Oscars gave audiences plenty to talk about -- from host Seth MacFarlane's "rejected"-but-still-definitely-included "We Saw Your Boobs" number to William Shatner's comment that the Academy should have asked Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to host. (Are they really hosting next year? Don't play with our emotions that way.)

Given MacFarlane's focus on women throughout the eventing, it's no surprise that women had a lot to say about the 2013 Academy Awards -- and on Twitter at least, they didn't hold back. From Rebel Wilson's wish for the not-nominated-but-adorable-in-tails Channing Tatum

to Kristen Chase's vision for two other stars who showcased their musical tendencies early in the show

women tweeted about what they loved, liked and couldn't stand over the course of the ceremony. Check out our favorites in the slideshow below.

LOOK: Women On Twitter React To The Oscars