02/24/2013 10:36 am ET

Tavi Gevinson Talks Her Right To Be At Fashion Week & That Giant Bow Incident (VIDEO)

Tavi Gevinson has raised a lot of eyebrows during her short fashion world tenure. The teen burst onto the blogger scene at just 11-years-old and faced a barrage of criticism from established style figures. Fortunately, it doesn't look like Ms. Gevinson is backing down any time soon.

The Rookie Mag founder is profiled in the upcoming PBS documentary "Makers: Women Who Make America," and she comes off as lovely and articulate as ever. "When I started my blog [Style Rookie] and people started paying attention to it, there was a lot of that 'she has no right to be at fashion week' even though I was invited to a show," she says.

Like we said, Tavi wasn't the most popular girl at fashion week -- everyone had a thing or two to say about her age, the writing on her blog and her personal style. Oh, and of course there was that pesky bow incident at the Dior show back in 2010. The 15-year-old describes it best:

"Once people got mad because I was physically taking up space because I wore a giant bow on my head and whoever was sitting behind me said something about it even though I was really short at the time. So then that became a whole 'she has no right to be there' thing because I'm not a fashion expert or whatever. People got really mad about a giant pink bow."

Since then, however, Tavi has seemed to come into her own as a teenager, making appearances in everything from a Wilco music video to a Hollywood animated short while still maintaining a successul fashion site. We guess it will take a lot more than a few sneers to make this wunderkind go away.

"Makers: Women Who Make America" premieres February 26, 2013 from 8-11 p.m. E.T. on PBS.

See Tavi Gevinson's style!

Tavi Gevinson's Style Evolution

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