02/24/2013 12:41 pm ET

'The Walking Dead': Andrea's On Peace Mission, Huge Stuff Ahead Laurie Holden Says

Andrea's caught between a rock and a hard place -- or the prison and Woodbury -- on "The Walking Dead."

In the Sunday, Feb. 24 episode of "The Walking Dead," "I Ain't a Judas," Andrea (Laurie Holden) reunites with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the prison group for the first time in over eight months.

"I think Andrea hopes for a warm reunion, but it's not the interaction that she expected," Holden told TV Guide. "There's so many unanswered questions. She doesn't know Shane's (Jon Bernthal) dead, she doesn't know about Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), she doesn't know what happened with the baby. It's been a long eight months. I think it's going to be a reunion that's full of surprises and news that breaks her heart."

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Holden said she doesn't see Andrea as on one side of the conflict over the other.

"A lot of people ask me if Andrea is Team Rick or Team The Governor," she said. "She’s Team The People and it’s not just her friends at the prison, it’s the 74 people in Woodbury -- the men, women, children, the elderly. It’s both communities, and I think her modus operandi now is, ‘How can I make peace? How can there be no bloodshed? How can I make sure nobody dies?’ And it’s not choosing one side or the other, it’s, ‘What do I need to do to make sure that the people live?’"

"The Walking Dead" is marching toward one huge finale and something very big for Andrea.

"It’s enormous," Holden said. "God it’s huge ... Your mind is going to explode.

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