02/25/2013 10:18 am ET Updated Apr 27, 2013

2/25/13-3/3/13 Pollster Open Thread

This open thread is to review this week's polling, look ahead toward future elections or whatever else you want to talk about. The thread will remain open until the end of the week.

Below, a roundup of some of the polling on last week's biggest issues:

Americans Say Preventing Terrorism Top Foreign Policy Goal (Gallup)
Majority of U.S. citizens say illegal immigrants should be deported (Reuters/Ipsos)
Campaign Finance Poll Finds Most Support Donation Limits (HuffPost/YouGov)

State/Local Level
CA: Brown's Job Approval The Highest Since His Election (Field)
CA: Near-Universal Support For Allowing Long-Term Undocumented Residents To Stay And Become Citizens Under Certain Conditions (Field)
IA: 58% want path to citizenship for illegal immigrants after borders are secure (Des Moines Register)
IL: Emanuel's poll rating turns negative (Crain's/Ipsos)
IL: Majority of Illinois Voters Support Stricter Gun Laws (Southern Illinois University)
NJ: Jersey's Favorite President? Bill Clinton; Just under half would like their own child to be President (Monmouth)