02/25/2013 01:53 pm ET

Best Police Report Typo Ever? Mike Gavrilis Probably Meant 'Virginia'

Looks like Myrtle Beach Police Department will have to penetrate deep into Virginia to find editors for its cops.

South Carolina officer Mike Gavrilis responded to a Sunday report of theft from a motor vehicle, but his write-up of the incident -- obtained by The Smoking Gun -- suggests he had more than justice on his mind.

From the report:

Victim 1 stated, he opened the door and searched the vehicle and noticed Victim 2's purse had been stolen. The vehicle, bearing a vagina tag (WZY1047) was a black in color Chevy Silverado.

Click here to read the full report at The Smoking Gun.

While this is the best error in a police report that we've seen, it's by no means the only hilarious misprint of the past year.

A sign prominently displayed at a southern Pennsylvania high school in September was intended to promote public education, but that's not what it ended up saying.

In May, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review gave some unintentionally horrible advice alongside an article about bikinis.



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