02/25/2013 07:00 am ET Updated Feb 25, 2013

'Gypsy Sisters': Laura Extols The Benefits Of Frozen Yogurt Facials (VIDEO)

The women on "Gypsy Sisters" have all kinds of beauty tips. Their newest one would allow women to ensure they're less wasteful as well. Should you find yourself getting full while enjoying a frozen yogurt, why not try rubbing it on your face.

"Have you ever heard a milk bath? Facials?" Laura asked. And then it was done. She was rubbing frozen yogurt on Kayla's face, despite Kayla's protestations.

"Chocolate yogurt moisturizes and exfoliates your face and you feel like a new person," she explained. She then decided to share this notion with the younger generation.

Who knows. Maybe this will become a fad in all of those new frozen yogurt locations across the nation. Each will be filled with young women rubbing the different yogurt flavors on their faces.

See what fresh ideas the "Gypsy Sisters" come up with next by tuning in to their show every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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