02/25/2013 10:09 am ET Updated Feb 26, 2013

Kristina Reed, 'Paperman' Producer, Kicked Out Of Oscars For Throwing Paper Planes

A Disney producer was booted from the Oscars on Sunday night after she was caught throwing paper airplanes.

"Paperman" producer Kristina Reed was kicked out of the Oscars ceremony inside Dolby Theatre when security guards caught her throwing paper planes from her balcony seat, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She began throwing the planes after "Paperman" snagged the award for Best Animated Short. The planes were adorned with kisses, like the ones featured in the short.

The planes went largely unnoticed by the Oscars attendees sitting below Reed, but security wasn't pleased and escorted her out, THR reports. Luckily, the punishment was only temporary and security let her back in after about 10 minutes.

The Independent reports that Reed was sent back to her seat with a stern warning.

"Paperman," a black-and-white short film directed by John Kahrs, is about a young businessman working in 1940s New York City who uses paper airplanes to get the attention of a girl.

Kahrs accepted the award for "Paperman," presented by Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy, on Sunday night. The short beat out contenders like the David Silverman's "Maggie Simpson in 'The Longest Daycare'" and Adam Pesapane's "Fresh Guacamole."

The hijinks continued for "Paperman" when David Arquette hijacked the Oscars press room and joked with Kahrs about the condoms in the Oscars gift bags.



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