02/25/2013 01:07 pm ET

Michael Kozlowski's Backyard Snow Cave Actually Looks Like A Fun Place To Hang Out (VIDEO)

We were absolutely dumbfounded when Daniel Gray built his colorful igloo back in January. Needless to say, the New Zealander warmed our hearts with his level of ingenuity (we never would have thought of filling milk cartons with colored water). So when we came across this man-made backyard snow cave, we were thrilled to learn that he's not the only one who's been super-industrious this winter season.

Meet Michael Kozlowski, a resident of Worcester, Massachusetts, who has certainly been busy this winter. According to WHDH news, this impressive structure is the fourth of a series of igloos he's been building since November of last year. Though it's not quite as extravagant as Sweden's Ice Hotel, he equipped the lofty space with amenities like a TV and sofa, which make hanging out inside relaxing and, thanks to a heating lamp, comfortably warm.

Kozlowski built the entire igloo alone, proudly admitting that the only tools he needed was a snow shovel and some wood. Kozlowski reveals that the snow cave's safety measures have been accounted for in the form of an umbrella made out of four by fours which act as a makeshift foundation.

While we wouldn't mind having this temporary tiny home on our property, we realize that the weather might not always be cooperative. If you'd still like to exercise your DIY muscle, check out these craft ideas in the slideshow below.

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