02/25/2013 06:56 am ET Updated Feb 25, 2013

'The Walking Dead': Andrea Must Choose To Side With Rick Or The Governor (VIDEO)

Andrea took center stage this week on "The Walking Dead" by spending time both in Woodbury and in the prison. She went to touch base with Rick and his people to find out where they stood -- as the Governor was still painting them as monsters. While Andrea though Milton had her back in sneaking her out of Woodbury, he was the dutiful soldier and ran to tell the Governor immediately.

Her welcome wasn't as warm as she might have anticipated in the prison, but neither was her impression of what she saw there. After what the Governor had done to them, the survivors had blood in their eyes and weren't even willing to consider laying down their arms and coming to a peaceful negotiation.

That said, Andrea remains incredibly naive if she thinks the Governor wants that. She's still very in the dark about his more twisted and evil side. E! Online posed the question, "Will her idealism be Woodbury's saving grace...or her own end?"

Carol tried to encourage Andrea to sleep with the Governor and then kill him in bed, but Andrea only managed the first. Does she not believe what she heard from her old friends about the man she was sleeping with, or is it just that she's not a killer?

Her decision does mean one thing, though. As TV Fanatic put it, "that major bloody battle is looking more real than ever for the not so distant future." When it comes, which side will Andrea be on? The prison gang lost Tyreese and his group to Woodbury this week, as if they weren't already woefully outnumbered.

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