02/25/2013 06:34 pm ET

West Loop Timber Loft: 'Smashing' And Spacious, 'One Of A Kind' Loft (PHOTOS)

Nothing evokes hip urban living quite like having a "loft" to call home, and that goes double if the space is butted between a trendy neighborhood and still somewhat gritty industrial corridor.

Looking like the living space for pretty twenty-somethings in a mid-90s sitcom, a spacious West Town loft — described as "smashing" in the listing — is selling for $899,000 on West Washington Boulevard.

Ponying up nearly $900,000 bucks might seem ludicrous for a two-bedroom in Chicago, but with 3,500 square feet, a loft-loving home buyer could surely fit in some extra of sofa sleepers. In addition to the massive square footage, the loft has two and a half baths, a sun deck, a fireplaces, a wet bar, loads of light, and of course: Timber, timber, timber!

Curbed Chicago notes the loft was owned by a designer, which accounts for plenty of the sharp, modern details in the decor. Not so sharp, however, is the monthly assessment fee: at $1,283 a month, it seems like more of a gouge.

The loft is part of a block of residences that were formerly a Nabisco biscuit warehouse in the 1800s and 1900s. Technically two buildings, the side this loft sits on is the newer of the two, built in 1902.

The asking price may seem, ahem, lofty, but bargains in the area seem to be a thing of the past (or way, way past). In 1832, local druggist Deacon Carpenter bought a 160-acre parcel of land — including the space the 1000 West Washington lofts sit on — for a song. His price tag? Two hundred dollars.

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'Smashing' West Town Timber Loft