02/26/2013 10:10 am ET Updated Feb 26, 2013

Ang Lee In-N-Out: Director Gets Burger To Celebrate Oscars Win (PHOTO)

His "Life of Pi" protagonist might have been a vegetarian, but Ang Lee went full carnivore while celebrating his Academy Award win.

Lee stopped by In-N-Out after the Oscars on Sunday night and chowed down on a big, juicy victory burger, according to TMZ. The director was snapped with his burger in one hand and his shining golden statue in the other.

Vanity Fair publisher Edward Menicheschi posted a photo of Lee's memorable In-N-Out moment on Twitter.

V.F.'s Alyssa Bereznak described it as "a moment so candid that it may only be rivaled by Jennifer Lawrence’s lovable award-acceptance fall. Take away the black-tie, and he could very well be six, holding a toy soldier."

Vanity Fair hires an In-N-Out Burger truck to provide sustenance to party guests and support staff each year. Toward the end of the evening, servers roam the party itself carrying trays of cheeseburgers.

On Sunday, Lee took home the Oscar for Best Director for his film "Life of Pi."

The 58-year-old director, who also won a Best Director Oscar at the 2006 ceremony for "Brokeback Mountain," thanked everyone who worked with him on the film. "I really need to share this with all 3,000," he said. "Everybody who worked with me on 'Life of Pi.' I want to thank you for… I really want to thank you for believing in this story and [sharing] this incredible journey with me."

Lee beat out the likes of David O. Russell, Steven Spielberg, Benh Zeitlin and Michael Haneke for the Oscar.

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