02/26/2013 12:45 pm ET

Anthony Christopher Rogers Allegedly Tells Deputy He 'Always Runs From The Law'

At least he's honest.

Officials in Hawkins County, Tenn., say that 36-year-old Anthony Christopher Rogers fled from a deputy on Friday night, and when he was asked why, he stated he "always runs from the law," the Times News reported.

Sgt. Mike Allen had been responding to a domestic disturbance at the home of Rogers' girlfriend, who told him Rogers had spent the day drinking and threatening to burn down her house. She also told them that Rogers had run out the back door as soon as Allen showed up.

Allen managed to overtake Rogers, who allegedly gave him the wrong year of birth and was carrying a pair of brass knuckles.

Rogers was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, possession of a prohibited weapon and criminal impersonation.

People give cops all kinds of explanations for their behavior.

Pennsylvania police say that in January, a man caught masturbating in public told an officer that his penis was only out in the open because his pants had shrunk.

In October, a Floridian man accused of masturbating in public told investigators he was just scratching at a testicular rash. He then offered to show someone the rash as proof and, amazingly enough, it worked! He "presented his testicles" to an officer who "verified that [he] did have a rash."



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