02/26/2013 11:09 am ET Updated Feb 26, 2013

Barbara Walters To Return To 'The View' On Monday, March 4

Barbara Walters announced the day of her return to "The View" on Tuesday.

The co-host called into the show, and said, "Like it or not, I'm coming back on the show starting next Monday. No more chicken pox, no more falling down, no more nothing!"

"I haven't been contagious for a while," she added. "They wanted me to rest and I have had enough rest to come back."

Walters has been away from the show since she was hospitalized after a fall at the British ambassador's residence in Washington, D.C. in January. She had been running a fever, fainted, and suffered a concussion when she fell. Later, it was revealed to that she had chicken pox.

Walters called in to the show while on leave earlier this month. She had said that she felt "weak and tired," and did not expect to be back on the show in three weeks. "But that does not mean that I don't listen to every single word every one of you say!" she told her co-hosts.



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