02/26/2013 02:47 pm ET Updated Feb 27, 2013

Charlize Theron Helps Security Guard Who Suffered Seizure At The Oscars

Oscar night was more dramatic for Charlize Theron than most of the attendees and she wasn't even nominated.

E! News reports that Theron rushed to help a security guard who was suffering from a seizure before the awards began.

Sources confirmed to the website that the 37-year-old actress was one of the few people around when the man collapsed and she tried to help him up, before someone else called a doctor. We're assuming everything was all right, as soon after Theron took the Oscar stage to dance with Channing Tatum during host Seth McFalane's opening monologue.

Theron is just one of the many celebs who have been spotted rushing to the aid of others. In April, a woman tweeted that Ryan Gosling had saved her life when he grabbed her and moved her out the way of being hit by a car, while the paparazzi were on hand to document Jennifer Lawrence rushing to help a teenage girl who collapsed outside her Santa Monica, Calif., apartment building last June. Likewise in October, Jack Osbourne reportedly helped save a woman's life when he resuscitated her after she collapsed on the beach and was suffering from a heart attack.



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