02/26/2013 07:54 am ET

Hillary Clinton's 'Makers' Appearance Reflects On Marriage To Bill Clinton, Her Youth And More (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton has had an enviable trajectory in American politics. It's a story we all know by heart now -- how Clinton first made a name for herself in Washington during the '70s, then as First Lady (of Arkansas and the United States, respectively) before becoming a senator, a presidential candidate and the most traveled Secretary of State.

But one could argue all of that would never have happened if it hadn't been for when Hillary Clinton politically came of age: the 1960s. The former secretary of state appeared on Makers, a new video initiative profiling inspirational women of today and tomorrow, to talk about her role as a crusader for women and how the '60s were a part of that.

"I get kind of annoyed when people denigrate the '60s and caricaturize (sic) it as sex, drugs and rock and roll," Clinton said in the interview. "It laid the groundwork for the success of our civil rights movement, for the continued equality of women. It was about human empowerment and freedom."

Clinton goes on to talk about the impact the period had on her professional and personal life, including how she balanced what she wanted with the goals of her "complicated" and "dynamic" husband, Bill Clinton.

"I couldn't have sat there and said ... eventually I'm going to marry Bill Clinton and eventually he's going to become president," Clinton said. "No! I did it because it felt right for me."

Finding that balance has led Clinton on a path that continues to inspire women both near and far. To hear what Hillary Clinton wants to experience "in however much time I have left on the earth," watch the video above.



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