02/26/2013 09:01 am ET Updated Feb 26, 2013

Jon Stewart Apologizes To Dick Molpus For Mississippi Slavery Ban Segment (VIDEO)

Everyone makes mistakes, even Jon Stewart. But the important thing is recognizing it and making amends... and if you have a TV show, you can go a step further and lionize the person you mistakenly ridiculed. That's exactly what happened on Monday's "Daily Show", when Jon Stewart revisited a segment he did last Thursday.

Plenty of jokes were made at the expense of Mississippi and its better-late-than-never passage of the slavery ban, but "The Daily Show" also took the opportunity to joke about its former Secretary of State Dick Molpus, mostly because he has a funny name. What they didn't realize is that Molpus has long been committed to civil rights and that characterizing him as a casual racist was way off the mark.

Watch Jon's heartfelt mea culpa above and marvel at how he manages to be sincere while still giggling over Molpus's last name.



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