02/26/2013 02:26 pm ET

Lost Engagement Ring Returned To Owner Toni Flowers Perkins 11 Years Later (VIDEO)

An engagement ring thought to be lost moved Toni Flowers Perkins to tears as she put it on again after 11 years.

According to WWLP, Perkins is an avid collector of pull tabs from soda cans, which she donates to Shriner’s Hospital several times per year. One bag of tabs never made it to the hospital, landing instead with sharp-eyed Christy Marsden.

“I just started picking out the colored tabs and I noticed something really shiny and I thought uh, that's not a tab," Marsden says in the AOL video above.

Marsden got the bag from a Facebook page where residents exchange items. When she noticed the ring, she found Perkins by searching online, she explains in the video.

Eleven years ago, Perkins and her husband frantically scoured the house for the lost ring. They even moved the stove and fridge before ending the search.

"The strange thing is we've had this bag forever, but this one bag seemed to never make it to Shriner's," Perkins told WWLP.

"It fit still," Perkins said. "I was in tears."



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