02/26/2013 05:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Even In North Korea, They're Taking Instagrams Of Food

The secluded and terrifying nation of North Korea has just joined the food, selfie, and sunset obsessed world of Instagram, and so far the photos range from pictures of anti-American art, to photos of corn bread.

This is all the result of changes to North Korean governmental controls over the mobile Internet. At this point, only foreigners in North Korea have access to the Internet via cellular phone. It was just a few weeks ago that North Korea started to allow visitors to bring their own mobile phones into the country.

The AP's Jean Lee and David Guttenfelder are a few of the first people living in North Korea to utilize Instagram in North Korea, labeling their photos with hashtags like #NKorea and #Pyongyang.

Be sure to check out Guttenfelder's and Lee's Instagram accounts for more photos.

north korea instagram

Lee was pleased to find an American food, corn bread.

north korea instagram

Guttenfelder took his followers inside a North Korean hospital.



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