02/26/2013 03:56 pm ET Updated Feb 26, 2013

Panic Buttons In California Schools Proposed By State Legislator

School safety proposals following the Newtown school massacre have ranged from arming teachers to installing panic exit doors in classrooms.

Now a California legislator is proposing that a panic button be installed in every K-12 classroom in the state. Assemblymember Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto) introduced AB1076 Friday, which would seek federal funding for panic buttons that sound alarms across the school and alert local law enforcement.

The bill would "require the governing board of each school district and each county superintendent of schools to equip each classroom, cafeteria, theater, gym, and other regularly used space, except a parking lot" in all schools serving children.

"There is no question that we all have a heightened sense of school safety inadequacies right now," Olsen said to CBS, alluding to the Newtown massacre. "We must take action to give schools the proper resources to act when faced with life-threatening situations."

One Southern California school district has already taken up this approach. Glendale schools Superintendent Richard Sheehan recently announced that security cameras and panic buttons alerting police are being installed in some Glendale high schools, FOX reports. Some students thought having panic buttons was "so cool." Others said the idea made them panic, but all thought it was a good idea.



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