02/26/2013 04:07 pm ET

Paula Deen Still Feels Fat, Still Eats Fried Chicken (Just Not As Much)

Paula Deen was in Miami last week for the annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival, and the celebrity chef turned a few heads after her uninhibited Today Show appearance.

Deen took a break from partying to speak to The Miami Herald about her current diet plan. Deen has lost 40 pounds since announcing her diabetes diagnosis in early 2012.

“I still feel like a fat ass,” Deen told the Herald. "I need a chin lift so bad."

Deen's been preaching moderation for many months now. She's not eliminating many foods, just eating less of them, the star chef told the Herald.

"When she eats fried chicken, now it’s just a wing," the Herald reported.

The PaulaDeen.com website is now in line with Deen's new diet mission. The most prominent links on the site are about a contest around eating healthy with diabetes, an article about fennel seasonality, and recipes for energy bars and lighter eclairs. It's a far cry from fried butter balls.

Read the whole Miami Herald article here.



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