02/26/2013 01:29 pm ET

Pete Holmes To Follow Conan O'Brien In New Talk Show On TBS

Comedian Pete Holmes is getting his own talk show to follow "Conan" on TBS, representatives from Turner and Conaco announced Tuesday. The currently untitled show will air at midnight beginning in the fall of 2013, and will be given an initial four-week test run.

Holmes, 33, has been a rising star in the stand-up world for several years. He was named one of Variety's Comics to Watch in 2011, and has performed stand-up on several late night talk shows. In addition to writing for sitcoms, Holmes voices characters on Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" and is the voice of the eTrade baby in their popular commercials.

He also is the host of the popular podcast "You Made it Weird" on the Nerdist network, which features Holmes interviewing his peers in the world of comedy.

"Pete Holmes is an enormously likable performer with an agile and innovative mind," said Conan O’Brien, whose production company, Conaco, is producing the show. "I’m really looking forward to his show, and I’ve already had my son program my DVR."

Last August, Holmes hosted several test pilots for the show at O'Brien's studio, then tentatively titled "The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes."

In addition to Holmes' show, Conaco is producing "Deon Cole's Black Box," a clip show starring "Conan" writer Cole, later this year.

"The first half of my meeting with Conan was spent making sure this wasn't all part of a new TBS prank show called You Got Coned!," Holmes said in a statement. "The second half was spent expressing my sincerest enthusiasm and gratitude for this incredible dream come true."



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