02/26/2013 09:54 am ET

Psy Attends Korean Presidential Inauguration, Makes Everyone Horse Dance (WATCH)

Yesterday, South Korea celebrated its first female president with an inauguration ceremony that included Korea's biggest international pop sensation, Park Jae-Sang -- better known as Psy, Foreign Policy reports.

Park Geun-hye was officially sworn in on Monday at the National Assembly in Seoul, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, the new president is a big fan of Psy's dance moves. For the performance in front of Korean lawmakers, the glossy pop icon wore a tux, and was accompanied by a bevy of shiny suit-wearing female backup dancers.

"I know this is a very formal event but if you could please stand up and join me for the horse dance, it would be great," Psy reportedly told the crowd. (Can this please become a new inauguration ritual?)

But don't get too attached to the addictive gallop. Psy, who already announced plans to "end" the signature move on New Years Eve, reportedly "has another dance up his sleeve," according to MTV. We can hardly wait to see what animal behavior will be channeled into a worldwide dance craze next.

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