02/27/2013 12:32 pm ET

Adolfo Carrion, Latino Candidate, Announces Third-Party Bid For Mayor Of New York

Declaring that he was hungry for “common-sense solutions” to escape “the tired ways of doing business,” Adolfo Carrión Jr., once a rising Democratic star, officially began his third-party bid for mayor on Tuesday night before a raucous crowd in the Bronx.

Beaming most of the evening, Mr. Carrión, a former two-term Bronx borough president and Obama administration official, vowed to run as an independent-minded candidate who would listen and respond to the people, and not special interests.

“We want to reconnect government to the people,” he said, before a cheering crowd of about 300 people at the Bronx Museum of the Arts. “I’m not appealing to you as Democrats or Republicans or independents. I’m appealing to you as fellow New Yorkers.”

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