02/27/2013 02:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Arianna Huffington At Wisdom 2.0 (VIDEO)

Last week at the fourth annual Wisdom 2.0 Summit, the Concourse Exhibition Center was bustling with talk about how to find balance in a digital, hyper-connected age.

HuffPost editor-in-chief and president Arianna Huffington spoke at the conference about the dangers of technology: How it prevents us from being fully present and ultimately leads to stress. Her solution, which she describes as a paradox, is to use technology to help us disconnect from it.

Watch in the clip above as she and Debbie Rozman, the president and CEO of HeartMath, explain how technology can redefine how we manage our lives and our stress. Arianna describes how tools like the GPS for the Soul mobile app can help us to be more productive, mindful and connected.