02/27/2013 12:49 pm ET Updated Feb 27, 2013

Body Gummy Made With 3D Scanner Is The Latest Way To Say 'I Love You' (PHOTOS)

There's no better reason to start getting in shape.

Remember those creepy Valentine's Day chocolates from Japanese eatery FabCafe? The truffles molded in the shape of the buyer's face?

The cafe is back at it for White Day, a Japanese holiday similar to Valentine's Day, which guys mark with presents for their ladies. (In Japan, it's reversed for Valentine's Day.) This time, we're talking gummies in the shape of the people who commission them.

The process involves a two-part seminar, during which the men's likenesses are captured with a 3D scanner and then recreated in gelatin. The resulting gummy is a full-body (though not life-size) replica of the person, all for the bargain price of $65 (ᅡᆬ6,000) -- depending on what you consider a bargain.

Personally, we'd be a little perturbed if we ate something made in the image of someone we love, but we're not going to judge. Besides, who doesn't love a gummy?

Check out the process below:

Gummy That Looks Like You