02/27/2013 03:23 pm ET

James Satterfield Denied Bail After Allegedly Threatening To Kill, Cook, Eat Family Of Judge Reuben Green

A Georgia man who threatened to kill, cook and eat the family of the judge who presided over his divorce case has been denied bail.

James Satterfield is charged with making terroristic threats to Judge Reuben Green, via a letter he sent Dec. 20 to Green's wife, reported.

In the letter, Satterfield, 58, allegedly wrote that he would kill the couple’s children and eat them, and also stated that he would “cook them first to make them more palatable,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The letter also requested that Green's wife "please give a copy of this letter to the police so that when you are slaughtered the public will know who were really responsible.”

During a hearing on Tuesday, William Cartern, a detective for the Cobb County Sheriffs Dept., testified that it looked like Satterfield was planning to carry out the murder.

Investigators say he had moved out of his apartment, written his ex-wife a $72,000 check, told his family to give away his belongings and was also carrying gun in his van, WBS-TV reported.

The judge presiding over the case denied bond for Satterfield and ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.




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