02/27/2013 01:27 pm ET

Kristen Stewart Cheered Jennifer Lawrence On When She Won Her Oscar

As it turns out, the "Worst Actress" of the year is a big fan of the "Best Actress."

Kristen Stewart may have taken home the Razzie for her performance in the final "Twilight" movie, but that didn't stop her from cheering for those whose performances were more appreciated. An eyewitness told Us Weekly that Stewart was "going crazy in her seat" when Jennifer Lawrence's name was announced as Best Actress at the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

"When they announced Jen's name, Kristen was so happy and cheering for her!" the audience member told the website.

Both actresses were spotted chatting on the red carpet before the show, which makes sense since a mutual friend of both stars told the magazine that Stewart and Lawrence are "very friendly," and have "hung out a bunch together."

Forgive us if we can't really picture the always endearing "Hunger Games" star hitting it off with Stewart, who could be described as the opposite of charming, but the "Twilight" star's excitement over Lawrence's win might put those pesky feud rumors to rest.

Both actresses have spoken about their admiration for each other before, and perhaps even bonded over rumors they didn't get along. "I just shot her an email, and was like, 'Hey, can't wait to see more as this feud unfolds!" Lawrence told "Access Hollywood" last March.

Likewise Stewart spoke of their shared experiences when she spoke to MTV in November:

"We talked about... stuff," Stewart said of the first time she met Lawrence at an event. "She's so cool. I was a lot younger than her when I first sort of entered this world of franchise land, and I don't know, I guess we sort of both went, 'Wow, this is so weird.' We were actually sat in a corner with Emma Watson as well, the three of us. We were like, 'Wow, this is strange. This is really cool.'"



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