02/27/2013 03:03 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2013

LA Mayoral Ads 2013: Campaign Videos Air On TV & Online (VIDEOS)

If you live in LA and watch TV, you've seen the ads.

If fact, if it weren't for the campaign ads increasingly on TV, the radio and the Internet, you might not know LA is about to elect its next mayor.

A few of the video ad highlights include cute foxes, jam sessions, puppies, Will Ferrell promising free-waffle Tuesdays and Salma Hayek calling a candidate a romantic.

Councilman Eric Garcetti, considered the frontrunner in the race, has aired on TV three ads in English and three ads in Spanish (in which he is fluent). Controller Wendy Greuel, a close runner up, has aired two ads on TV.

Greuel starting airing her first radio ad Tuesday, and it's the first of her ads to directly criticize Garcetti. The ad accuses Garcetti of spending taxpayer money on five-star hotel stays on luxury trips to China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Middle East. Garcetti's office provided the following response to her ad: "Every part of her ad is obviously false. But it is also a hypocritical attack because Wendy Greuel has done the same things during her 7 years on the City Council, which she never talks about."

Former radio host Kevin James, the only Republican candidate, has aired one ad on TV and the radio created by BetterWayLA, an independent expenditure committee supporting the candidate. Councilwoman Jan Perry has online video ads only.

Technology executive Emanuel Pleitez has aired one ad on Spanish-language TV channels Univision and Mundofox. He has also spent almost $11,000 on Facebook ads (appearing usually on the right side of Facebook) and on promoted video posts, according to his campaign.

The other candidates declined to specify to HuffPost how much they've spent on video ads. Click on the candidates' names above for HuffPost's interviews with each of them.

The primary election is on Tuesday, Mar. 5, and the general election is on Tuesday, May 21. The video ads below are not in order of which have appeared on TV.

WATCH: Do any of the ads below influence your opinions of the candidates? Which ad is the most effective?

Garcetti/Greuel Ads 2013