02/27/2013 06:58 pm ET

Lincoln Buzzer Beater: Nermin Krdzalic Steals, Hits Game-Winning Half Court Shot (VIDEO)

If you go by his junior year stats, Sioux Falls Lincoln's Nermin Krdzalic isn't the most formidable player. But on Feb. 26, he was clearly the right guy at the right time.

The incredibly well-shot amateur video of the first-round district tournament game between South Dakota's Sioux Falls Lincoln and Yankton opens with mere seconds left on the clock.

A free throw ties the game at 50, then Yankton takes it down the court. Krdzalic, No. 13, steals the ball and hits an amazing half-court buzzer beater to win the game 53-50.

Footage of the awesome shot was posted to YouTube by MidcoSportsNet on Tuesday and received more than 14,000 views at time of writing.

“I didn’t call ‘bank,’ but it looked good when it left my hand,” Krdzalic told the Argus Leader.

The local news website reported that Krdzalic's was one of three game-winning buzzer beaters in district play Tuesday.

Commenters on a Reddit forum devoted to sports not only praised the shot, but they also lauded the videographer's excellent camerawork.

"Great job framing the score and not making any annoying comments," user "svengalus" wrote.

(via Reddit)