02/28/2013 01:42 am ET

Monta Ellis Buzzer Beater: Bucks Top Rockets With Last-Second Prayer (VIDEO)

Monta Ellis may not have drained as many three-pointers as his former teammate Steph Curry did on Wednesday night. But he did manage one thing that Curry didn't. Ellis drained a game-winning bucket. This incredible shot from long range earned his team a victory.

The Bucks and Rockets were tied at 107 when Brandon Jennings tried to drive by Jeremy Lin in the final seconds. But he couldn't get any separation and passed the ball to Ellis a few feet beyond the top of the key with two seconds remaining. Without enough time to get set, Ellis quickly turned and fired a shot off of one foot over the 6'9 Chandler Parsons. The ball took a trip around the rim and fell through the net at the buzzer. Ballgame.

The Bucks players, led by Ellis, ran into the locker room as the referees huddled up. They reviewed the replay and ruled that it was good.

"The officials are telling the Bucks to stay on the court. They're going to look at it, but I think when they look at it they'll see that Monta Ellis threw up a prayer that was answered," CSN Houston announcer Matt Bullard said.

Ellis went 9 for 24 from the field and finished with 27 points and 13 assists in Milwaukee's 110-107 win. While Curry's phenomenal 54-point performance against the Knicks was understandably the center of attention during a busy night in the NBA, Ellis' wild game-winning shot grabbed its share of the spotlight.



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